post_beaches & campfires



This is the newest video piece from the “post_” series of videos, i often amazed at how long they take to finish. but i guess it takes a life time of memories to make each one, so a few weeks, or i guess a year or so from start to finish can be expected. they often started in a fit and then left to fester, opened on occasion modified, digested, saved repeated. ┬áthere are many copies, which is truly how i feel about memories; made, modified, revisited, changed, moods re-assessed and re-evaluated. but finally you put it all down some where, a journal, a notebook, recorded to tape, or ever more increasingly, a email or blog. used to be the former got put away somewhere, now, in the latter, they hang in perpetuity, lingering for years, seemingly unchanging but still, we do.

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